Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hong Kong - April 15-16

The past few days I have been in Hong Kong. I went up to the top of Victoria Peak. It was in a cloud. The next day I went to Disneyland Hong Kong. It was a ton of fun! At night we had our last group dinner and everyone said goodbye. The next morning we took a fifteen hour plane trip to Newark and then a short flight back to Richmond. I had a stupendous time in China!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yangshuo China - April 2010

Hi everybody! We made it to Yangshuo. Yangshuo is a really cool area in Southeast China with lots of mountains. This is were the floating island scenes from Avatar were filmed. We rode bikes through the mountains, took a cooking class, a Tai Chi class, a Kung Fu class, and a Chinese calligraphy class. I was surprised that I was such a good cook and could do martial arts. We ate some adventurous things such as chicken brains, snails, lotus root, and I drank some rice wine. I had a fantastic time in Yangshuo. We are taking another overnight train to Hong Kong. Will update later.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Xi'an China - April 10,2010

Hi everybody! For the past few days, we have been in Xi'an which is a city in the middle of China. I did many things like take a stroll through the markets, saw some Pandas, and walked along the ancient city wall. I also had a great time at the Terra Cotta Soldiers. I can't believe that there are at least 7000 of them. The soldiers were made by Emperor Qin who also made the Great Wall and unified China. Even though he accomplished many amazing things, he was still very unpopular because many people died working on the Terra Cotta Soldiers and the Great Wall. Back in Xi'an, we even encountered a pick pocket or two in the markets - (nothing stolen though).

I'll post another message from Yangshou.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beijing - April 2010

Hey everybody. We made it to China and just spent 5 days in Beijing. Beijing is a gigantic city with about 22 million people and it was a whole lot of fun! We saw Tiannamen Square, the Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, The Great Wall of China, and amazing acrobats. We also saw the Bird's nest and the Water Cube where the 2008 Summer Olympics were held. We've eaten all kinds of foods (including cow intestine), but passed on the Scorpion on a stick.

We took an overnight train to Xi'an to see the Terra Cotta soldiers and will let you know how that is in my next post.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More London

Second time in London was nice. We met with more friends and played around in Regent's Park. We ate near St. Paul's Cathedral. The Science Museum was the best ever. They had a really fun Wallace and Gromit interactive exhibit. We also watched a 3D Imax movie. Shakespeare's Globe Theater was cool. The original burned down in a fire. The last thing we saw was the Tower Bridge. We had a great view. Next stop: Home

Harry Potter

I had a great time seeing Harry Potter sites. We went to Oxford to see the steps where Mrs. McGonagall met the 1st years in movie number 1. Also, the banquet hall is based on the dining hall there. In London, we saw the place where the Leaky Cauldron scenes were filmed in numbers 1 and 3. The spot was different in each movie. We went to King's Cross Station to see platform 9 3/4. It was not actually filmed at platform 9, but at platform 4. In the 6th movie, coming out this summer, Death Eaters destroy Millenium Bridge on the Thames (pronounced Tims) River. We also went to the place that Grimmauld Place was based on. We went to many more cool Harry Potter sights too! I can not believe it is almost time to go home.


England was so much fun! We went to Hampton Court Palace, which was owned by King Henry VIII. There was a giant hedge maze and many awesome rooms. Then, we went to Stonehenge. It is a mystical rock arrangement. Some people (like Carson) think they were dancing giants, turned to stone by aliens. Lastly, we went to Legoland Windsor. There were so many fun rides and shows all based on legos. It was too fun to express! I can not believe we are almost done.